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2FM's Louise McSharry bucks tradition and wants husband Gordon to change his last name

RTE 2FM broadcaster Louise McSharry has spoken of the challenge posed while shopping for her wedding dress as she completed a course of chemotherapy last year.

McSharry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year.

She planned her wedding to fiancée Gordon Spierin while she was unwell.


"I was standing there in a nice shop with lovely sales assistants and family and friends.

"My head was shaved and I was sweating like a beast.

"I was also heavier than I would usually be due to the chemo drugs.

"That was a hard day. A really hard day.

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"I was pi***d off with everyone and everything," she told The Nicky Byrne Show on 2FM.

However her characteristic humour was never to far from her lips as she quipped:

"I'd like to dispel a myth about wedding dress shopping actually, it's not a heavenly experience for everyone!"

The RTE 2FM DJ laughingly said that as wedding dresses typically only come in a sample size it can be very difficult to judge how the finished product may look.

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She said that some weeks later she visited a different shop and was thrilled to find a wedding gown that ticked all the boxes.

"When I tried it on I knew it was my dress," she said.

Unlike the majority of brides, McSharry said that in the lead up to her and partner Gordon Spierin's wedding she yearned to be asked about things other than their wedding plans.

"People just wanted to talk about the wedding and our plans but I was like 'hello I'm still a person'," she said.

McSharry admitted that the wedding which took place in Cork was wonderful and surpassed all of her expectations.

"Our first dance was 'LOVE' by Nat King Cole, Gordon has a special association with Nat so it was really lovely," she said.

"Now I'm just trying to convince Gordon to change his name to Gordon Mc Spierin and I'll change mine to that too," she said.

Louise has documented her battle with the illness and her experiences in undergoing chemo in a new RTE documentary, F**k Cancer.