Karl Broderick and Alan Hughes at the opening night of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Picture: Brian McEvoy

The Vow

Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick shun big wedding in favour low-key service in September

They have set the date for their wedding, but celebrity couple Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye on the final celebrations for the big day.

In fact, TV3 star Alan has said that his other half, Karl, wants to scrap plans for an over-the-top wedding party in favour of a low-key day.

The couple, who had a lavish civil ceremony in The Mansion House in 2011, are planning to get married following the passing of the Marriage Bill.


Karl and Alan, who have been together for 22 years, hope to tie the knot on September 30, the anniversary of their civil union and of the date they met.

"We will hopefully decide on something in the next few weeks - it's just a matter of looking at venues," Alan told the Diary.

"But I don't know whether Karl is too pushed on it. I don't know whether he is going 'Should myself and yourself just go into a little place and sign it over?'. I would like to do a party, but he is sort of going 'it's about us'. I'm more of the party animal," he said with a laugh.

"If we're going to do it, it will definitely be on September 30 as that is a special date for us. It would just be for friends and family and it will definitely be smaller than our last one in the Mansion House."

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Alan's good friend Brian Dowling recently spoke about he and husband Arthur's plans to start a family. However, Alan said "unfortunately that's something that has passed us by".

"I think we have reached the stage where that is something that is not going to happen for us, but we know Brian and Arthur well and they would make wonderful parents. Maybe if the referendum happened years ago and we thought it would have been easier to adopt, we might have done it, but not at the moment."

Changes are afoot in TV3 following the appointment of Pat Kiely as the new Managing Director and Alan said he is excited about what is in store for Ireland AM.

"There will be lots of new stuff on the show. I will be doing a new monthly series, as well as more of Challenge Alan," he said.

Alan described the announcement of the departure of Director of Content Linda McQuaid last week as a "bolt out of the blue".

"I was sad to see her leave. I have known her for a long time, but this is what happens in TV."