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Alan Hughes on why he went public with his proposal: 'We've come so was illegal to be gay the year we met'

TV3 star Alan Hughes has said the reason he publicly proposed to his long-term partner was to show just how far Ireland has come in the last two decades.

The Ireland AM host has been with panto writer Karl Broderick for 22 years and they threw a no expense spared civil ceremony four years ago. But yesterday, Alan got down on bended knee to pop the question to his other half in Ballymount.

"We can say, we are legally married in Ireland. It has taken so many years," Alan said on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM.


"The year we met, it was still illegal to be gay in Ireland. We could have been imprisoned as two consenting men making love in their own house.

"I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t want that on a piece of paper – to see that they’re legally married on a piece of paper – not civil partnered."

Meanwhile, Karl added that it felt like "slow motion" and joked that they didn't enjoy a romantic day, but instead, he headed home yesterday to finish writing the second half of their upcoming  Beauty and the Beast panto in the Tivoli Theatre.

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The couple say they have no immediate plans for another big bash, but definitely won't be walking up the aisle this year.

"I did it yesterday for the week that was in it. there's no plans as such," Alan said. "It won't be this year anyway because we're head into panto now, that will take all our time between now and Christmas.

"Maybe next year. That's all up in the air."

But Karl joked that he'd love to invite "50 people to go on a cruise and go rampant for a week" in lieu of a traditional wedding ceremony.