Alan Hughes pops the question to partner Karl Broderick on Ireland AM. Picture: Brian McEvoy

The Vow

Alan Hughes proposes to Karl Broderick on live TV: 'It was the perfect time to tell Karl how much I love him'

WATCH: TV3 star Alan Hughes popped the question to other half Karl Broderick live on air today.

The vivacious Ireland AM star left his partner gobsmacked after getting down on bended knee and asking him to marry him.

Karl and Alan became the first high-profile couple to have a same sex union three years ago when they swapped vows in a lavish celeb-packed wedding.


But in the week after the Marriage Bill was written into law, Alan said he couldn’t wait to pop the question.

“I just thought this is the perfect time to tell Karl how much I actually love him,” he said. “He proposed to me after I won Celebrity Salon and we became civil partners but now that we can be legally married in the eyes of the law, we didn’t want to wait,” he continued.

What prompted Alan to take the plunge was  a “shocking” survey released last month showing that 20pc of all young LGBT couples had attempted suicide at some point.

He said: “I thought that was horrible and I wanted to show other gay people that if we’re able to propose live on TV, maybe then they’ll have the courage to come out to their mam or dad or their friends. They were just horrible statistics to see.”

He said it was remarkable how much Ireland had changed as a country, given that 22 years ago, when they first met, it was still illegal to be gay. “You could be put in jail. The police could have been coming around at the door and it’s mad to think that since that time, we’ve brought in civil partnership and full marriage.

“I just thought it was a brilliant week to do it, with my little TV family all watching and I’m so delighted with the response,” he added.

A shocked Karl said: “Everybody keeps saying ‘are you going to get married now’ and I just keep joking saying ‘well somebody needs to ask somebody!’ I’m in shock! Speechless for once.”