Amanda Brunker at her wedding with husband Philip McLaughlin (far left) and Bono (centre)

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Amanda Brunker: 'Yes I had Bono at my wedding, but newlyweds shouldn't be competing to go viral'

Planning a wedding?

Have you organised the most important element yet? No, I’m not talking about the dress, the venue or the flowers… I’m talking about the central focal point. That vital show-stopping moment. That secret ingredient that’ll make this production go viral!

If you’ve been married over a decade this fad will be over your head; but for the modern couple an EPIC moment to post online and get people talking is of primary concern these days.


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So much so that wedding planners feel like they’ve failed if footage of their superhero wedding cake or abseiling bride and groom didn’t find it’s way onto the happy ending news slot somewhere around the world.

Seriously folks, when will this competitive wedding nonsense stop?

Surely if Gary Barlow turns up at your afters singing, ‘A million love songs…’ your wedding becomes all about him and not the bride and groom?

Yes, it would be lovely, but in the end, it's only a major distraction from the importance of the big day. I might sound like a killjoy, but this new über confidence in trying to break the internet is nauseating.

Call me old-fashioned but weddings are meant to be about the couple. They shouldn’t be deemed a success just because their Gangnam Style first-dance got more than 100,000 hits on YouTube.

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I shouldn’t really pass judgement because I skipped the conventional wedding completely.

I had no cake, no reception… disgracefully no family were in attendance either. Just four friends on a little patch of green in New York and eh, Bono. What can I say, he was in the city. But honestly it was low-key.

After my speedy nuptials, our buddies were shooed away and allegedly got some pizza. My new hubby and I changed into jeans and tees, grabbed a couple of burgers off Union Square and toasted our landmark moment with sodas.

Fast forward a couple of hours after finally consummating the marriage (for the sake of legality of course) I changed into a little leather dress and caught a limo to New Jersey to watch my old neighbour play an intimate gig to 80,000 worshippers.

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It was during that event that the B man congratulated myself and Philip and dedicated a little tune called One to us.

OK, so that was a pretty special moment but either way, I still stay true to my original point. Yes it was lovely that Bono came to my wedding and mentioned my new marital status to the masses - but would my day have been awful without the shout out? No it wouldn’t.

My hubby and I selfishly wanted to do things our way… in old New York… (feel free to sing that line)… and being in our second favourite city, together, was pretty much all we wanted.