Tennis star Andy Murray with his fiancee Kim Sears, as the couple are understood to be arranging the private service for April 11 at the five-star Cromlix House Hotel, close to his home town of Dunblane (John Stillwell/PA Wire)

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Andy Murray 'doesn't care' about any wedding plans other than the food

Tennis star Andy Murray has taken an active interest in the menu, but is leaving all other details to Kim Sears

Andy Murray wisely left the vast majority of his wedding planning to his fiancée – apart from the food.

The Wimbledon champion, who marries Kim Sears in his home town of Dunblane, Scotland, next Saturday, admitted that he “couldn’t care less” about much of the finer detail.


But he put his foot down about the menu, insisting on being involved when it came to choosing the various courses their guests will feast on at the reception.

“I think in a lot of cases it's just better to let the woman have it how she would like,” he said in a US interview.

“In terms of flowers and colour schemes and those sorts of things, I couldn't really care less about that, to be honest.

“The one thing that I really wanted to do was be involved with the food. Because I like my food – I like good food.

“I went along and did the food tasting, and I also did the cake tasting as well.

“So that would be the thing that I would say I have been most involved in. The music is something we chat about together as well.”

The ceremony will take place at Dunblane Cathedral, followed by a reception at Cromlix House, the 15-bedroom hotel Murray bought for £1.8m in 2013.

The restaurant at the five-star hotel is overseen by French chef Albert Roux.

Murray did not disclose whether he had made a final decision on the wedding menu, but could be forgiven for embracing the task wholeheartedly.

Last year, he described how his training regime was built around healthy but restricted eating, with Ms Sears cooking him one of three specially-designed meals each evening.

His three favoured dishes were revealed to be salmon with rice, roast chicken with vegetables and potatoes, or steak with salad.

The closest equivalents on the current menus at Cromlix House include: Pan Fried Loch Duart Salmon, Broad Beans and Peas, Saffron Gin Butter Sauce; Breast of Guinea Fowl with Alsace Bacon and Mousseron Wild Mushrooms Charcutiere Sauce; and roast Feather Blade of Scotch Beef, Caramelised Shallot Puree with Mixed Mushrooms Cocotte Potato & Red Wine Jus.

The tennis player is generally tee-total, and is reported to follow a gluten-free, high-protein diet to maintain his weight and keep himself in peak condition.

For one weekend only, he will likely be tempted to relax his usual strict rules and indulge in finest celebratory menu Roux and his team can conjure up.

The couple, who are both 27, had initially planned to get married in the small chapel in the grounds of the hotel.

But with capacity for just 28 guests, and the overwhelming public interest, persuaded them to move it to the cathedral, which can hold around 300.

Dunblane’s streets will be decked with bunting and mounted police will be on hand to cope with the expected influx of visitors.

Murray has revealed that they will delay taking a honeymoon until November, to allow him to concentrate on the forthcoming tennis season.

He has even suggested he might take part in the Monte Carlo Open the following week. But the honeymoon will definitely have to wait.

"Depending on how I feel after the wedding there's potential to play Monte Carlo," he said, "but that's unlikely. The honeymoon won't be until the end of the year.

"As long as it (the wedding) is not in the forefront of my mind when I'm training then it's fine. It hasn't been a problem for me yet and I don't see it as an issue."

Despite living in Surrey with Miss Sears, Murray admitted to feeling homesick for Scotland.

"I think everyone knows I'm extremely proud of where I come from,” he said.

“It’s just always nice to come back and see the support and meet friends and family in Dunblane. I miss home."