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Bride-to-be sparks outrage by asking guests to leave children with babysitter during destination ceremony

A bride-to-be has sparked outrage by asking guests to leave their children with a babysitter during the ceremony of her destination wedding.

While asking guests to travel abroad for a wedding can cause many problems in itself, this bride-to-be has proposed that any parents attending the wedding with their children organise a baby sitter for the ceremony because she and her husband-to-be don't want any children disrupting the vows.

Mumsnet user RubyRed6878 sparked debate when she asked forum users what they thought of her proposition, with many criticizing how she was asking guests to travel for the wedding, as well as pay for a babysitter.


"My wedding is being planned in Mexico and about 100 guests will receive invites. Before people jump on and say we're being selfish - invites are exactly that, not expectations at all," she wrote.

"We'll also be having a UK celebration so will emphasise that it would be amazing for as many friends and family to be there as possible but we totally understand if people can't or don't want to make it."

"My partner and I are one hundred per cent sure we do not want children at the ceremony."

"We've been to too many weddings where screaming babies have disrupted and we are too scared to take the risk for our own day. Children are more than welcome at the reception."

She revealed that she is worried about her telling her partner's brother that no children will be allowed at the ceremony, "considering they will have travelled all that way."

"Partner is determined to stay firm and insist on no kids," she said.

"Is it totally unreasonable to ask them to put their child in the kids club for an hour or so during the ceremony?"

"I'm nervous of backing down and then having a two-year-old screaming over our vows and wishing we'd stuck to our guns. But equally, I'm aware what a big ask it is to leave a young child in a hotel kids club."

It's safe to say that the majority of responses were not positive.

One user commented that having a destination wedding is "egotistical" and questioned why the bride-to-be is putting her family to such expense.

"Sorry but having your wedding at some flash destination is a bit silly in itself. Why should people fly to some weird foreign country to see you get married? Honestly? it just seems really egotistical," reads the comment.

"I wouldn't bring my baby to some hot, mosquito ridden country to leave them with a random hotel nanny, and expecting people to do this is just... Well there are no words to be honest."

"And why would you put your friends and relatives to such expense? Are you trying to weed out the less well off ones?"

Another user said the decision was "seflish": "I think the problem here is that essentially what you are doing is an extremely selfish thing, but you want a way to come out of it without looking selfish."

Other users, however, said they understood where RubyRed6878 was coming from.

"I don't think you're being unreasonable. You want Mexico and no kids, that's your prerogative."

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