Irish actor Colin Farrell poses during a photocall for the film

The Vow

Colin Farrell set to be Best Man at big brother Eamon's wedding

Colin Farrell will play a major role in his brother Eamon's upcoming nuptials.

Eamon Farrell and his artist husband Steven Mannion are planning to get married again - they originally married in Vancouver in Canada in 2009 - at The Factory in Dublin at Christmas, 2016.

"Hopefully by then," Eamon told me, "they will allow civil ceremonies in different venues in Ireland. I would hate to be in the registry offices."


Those who will be attending the big bash in The Factory (where Eamon and his partner Jill Doyle have had The National Performing Arts School for decades - it has moved to The Lir Academy and "a couple of other places in Grand Canal Dock" until next year while the whole site is being developed) include Jill and of course Eamon's family: "Jill and Colin [Farrell, Eamon's brother] will do joint Best Man duties," Eamon told me.

"David Norris said he would be my Matron of Honour! The Honeymoon will be LA to spend time with my family."

So will Eamon be getting down on bended knee to ask Steven to marry him again?

"After the Yes vote I'm afraid," Eamon laughed, "I'll never be on my knees again!"