The Vow

Do not pass go! Man proposes to long-term love with customised Monopoly board

In a world filled with weekly viral engagement videos, one man's custom made board game may take the cake.

Justin Lebon from California spent five painstaking days customising a Monopoly board game to pop the question to his girlfriend Michal Ott.

Instead of Park Avenue and Baltic Avenue, Justin replaced each space with a special to the two of them, start with their first date and continuing with their favourite holidays and activities.


And he wasn't taking a Chance when it came to the big question as he created a special dice and rigged the card to ask, 'Will you marry me?'

His friend Mark Becker, a carpenter, made the wooden boardgame, which began as an idea for a creative Christmas gift and soon turned into a proposal.

"I knew I was able to pull off a surprise. I just had to figure out how. It didn't take long at all really to think of all of this. About a day or two. It all just fell together perfectly," Justin wrote on Facebook.

"Each one make her laugh and cry a little more! I explain how every property is in order, and all the weird coincidences that made them even more special."

Upon realising the personalised version of the game, Michal gushed: "It's about us!"