Sarah Linehan turned to social media in a bid to find the mystery couple. Photo: Facebook/Sarah Linehan

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Do you know this couple? A woman is trying to track down a proposal she saw on this Irish beach

The search is on for two lovebirds who got engaged on a beach in Kerry last weekend.

Sarah Linehan was enjoying an evening stroll on Banna Strand at 9.30pm on Sunday when she caught a glimpse of a man getting down on bended knee next to his girlfriend.

“I was walking with a friend and spotted the couple in the distance while I was taking pictures of the coastline,” she told


As she watched the touching proposal unfold in front of a breathtaking sunset view, Sarah decided to capture the scene in a quick snap.

“We walked back to the car and I was in two minds of whether I should have gone over to them to give them the picture or not but it was too late at that stage! I only realised how nice the picture was when I got home,” she said.

While she was too far away from the pair to see the woman’s reaction, Sarah added: “It looked like she said yes after anyway!”

She has since turned to social media in a bid to find the mystery couple.

Sarah shared the photo on Facebook, writing: “Walking on Banna strand, Co Kerry, this evening around 9.30pm and saw this proposal, unfortunately I never approached the couple to offer them this picture!

“I’m thinking now that I should have because I’m sure they’d love it!! Does anybody know anyone that got engaged on Banna beach on Sunday July 17? Hopefully we can get this pic to them…”

Sarah is eager to pass on the photo of their romantic moment, and we want to spread the love – if you know the happy couple, get in touch at