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25 fabulous wedding guest dresses to get your through the tricky transition season

If choosing what to wear to work is getting trickier as the seasons change, knowing what to wear to a wedding in a month's time is nigh on impossible to gauge.

Luckily (or unfortunately, rather, depending on your viewpoint) the Autumn/Winter collections have just begun to trickle into the high street with some 'pre-fall' staples as fashion prepares itself for shorter days and longer, sequin-filled nights.

Which brings us to occasion wear for autumn weddings.


As we're all well aware, autumn events can go every which way, from blazing sun in the AM to torrential rains in the afternoon and into crisp, romantic sunsets in the evenings.

Which sounds fine until you realise you really shouldn't be indulging yourself in three costume changed on a day that's meant to be all about your friend's big white dress.

However there are some ways to coast through a changeable day looking fashionably seasonal without popping on and off a pair of tights or overlay skirt as the clouds roll in.

Unfortunately it's time to say goodbye to the pretty pastel floral patterns left over from high summer.

If you're still clinging on to florals, try to don them in deeper colours and go for larger prints that are less picnic in the park and more glass of red wine on the balcony.

As far as prints go, they're still very much a mainstay of the transition season wardrobe, and a great way to move with them into autumn/winter is to opt for chic stripes or contemporary geometric styles.

When it comes to fabrics, don't break out the heavy winter brocade yet. Add texture to your outfit with lace, heavy satin and wool or even crochet for fun 70s feel.

Block colours are an easy way to keep things ultra chic and avoid looking seasonal altogether. Take your cue from the Duchess of Cambridge here and try a fiery red midi, or be the envy of others in a comfy block colour wrap dress that will work any time of the year.

Accessory-wise, stave off the faux fur and go for lighter faux feathers instead.

It's not the time to don a full sequin number just yet (keep that for the festive season) but embellishments and details are always a welcome dose of glamour in a wedding.

Keep your embroidered pieces in rotation, even in shorter styles; these will add a heavier feel to the look which works well going from summer to autumn events.