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Ditch the fascinator and forget the fake tan: 10 new rules for wedding guest dressing - as issued by 'fashion bible' Vogue

This is the word of the Vogue

Vogue has officially declared the end of the wedding clutch bag.

Thanks be to God, says you, remembering all the times you tried - and failed - to get your full make-up bag, keys, wallet and now comically oversized phone into one for formal soirées in the past.

But that's not the only good news from on high; heels are out too, with wedding guests being encouraged to opt for more comfortable wedges and - stick with us - platforms instead.


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And it's farewell to the fascinator, many will be relieved to hear, the 'half-hearted' hat that's being replaced by sparkly hair clips and pretty pillbox chapeaux.

The footwear is understandable of course. With Irish wedding ceremonies taking place in what used to be considered quite bizarre such as 'the surrounding forests' of the wedding venue with the many perfectly formed and well appointed walls (we joke, outdoor weddings are a firm favourite here at, wedding guests now have to come well prepared for all manner of surfaces by wearing multi-functional footwear.

Which leads on to cosy cover-ups; cardies get the nod for summer soirées, as does the oversized blazer, while guests are urged to stay away from any pale shades and 'flirtatiously revealing necklines' that may 'steal the bride's thunder'.

One place it's okay to be a bit pasty for some is the skin, with Vogue urging guests to forgo the fake tan in favour of keeping things natural.

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Vogue's 10 Rule of Wedding Guest Dressing for 2018

1. Stick to your own style - and if that's wearing black, just accessorize with something 'zingy'

2. Don't steal the bride's thunder - avoid white, pale shade and revealing necklines

3. Wear a 'name-dropping' niche designer - Johanna Ortiz, Kitri and Vampire's Wife are acceptable

4. Avoid fascinators 'at all costs' - Vogue recommends a crystal frosted hair clip from Irish designer Simone Rocha instead

5. Never co-ordinate your belt, bag and shoes - "Unless they're Chanel, of course"

6. Ditch the fake tan

7. Keep warm with a cover-up - Cosy cardies, oversized blazers and cocktail coats are all on the list (before you ask, we're not sure what a cocktail coat is either)

8. Opt for platforms or wedges - flats are aye-okay (yay) but boots are a definite no-no

9. Ditch the clutch bag - they're only a hindrance when it's your turn at the open bar

10. Wear it again - re-wear your dress and make it new with different accessories

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