Eight adorable ways to pop the question over the Christmas season

Thinking of proposing over the holiday season? Here are some fabulously festive ways to do it!

If you're thinking of popping the question over Christmas, but have no idea how to pull it off, you've come to the right place!

Proposing to your partner is nerve-racking no doubt (no matter how certain you are they'll say yes!), and while some advise you to scratch any 'special' days on the calender off your possible proposal list (in case for some reason it doesn't work out down the line and the day is forever marred, but we won't think about that) the holiday season is an ideal time to ask that all-important question.

Holiday season proposal tips

1. Remember, you don't need to pop the big Q on the headline days - Christmas Day, New Year's Eve... Those lazy days in between could do with a big announcement but do keep in mind that the earlier the better if you want to get a little engagement party get-together on the cards before everyone is back to work!


2. You don't have to have a ring. There are no rules to asking someone to marry you. Hopefully if you know them well enough to propose marriage, you'll know if they're the type who'd prefer an sweet moment at home on the couch, or a down-on-one-knee at a rooftop bar in the city type. A token ring can be a good idea, or another small gift will do until you choose the ring (if you decide to do so!)

3. If you do decide to get ring, make sure you get in ahead of the present-buying crowd. To state the obvious, jewellery stores are busy around this period, and you don't want to add the panic of not getting what you want on time on top of everything else.

4. Make it personal. If you're popping the question, think about what you both love as a couple, what your partner loves about the season, or some more 'unique' aspects of your relationship (every couple has more than one thing that makes them a bit odd!) If you've a particular pub you visit every Christmas eve you could pop the question there, or if you're a couple who exchanges several little gifts instead of one big one you could have your partner unwrap their engagement ring/token engagement gift as the final surprise. Keep things simple and everything will go off without a hitch!

If you're looking for a little festive cheer to add to your big moment, check out the sweet and whimsical question-popping ideas and Christmas proposal props below.

1. At the end of a cup of tea on Christmas Eve morning

Picture this: It's Christmas Eve morning, you've perfectly poached the eggs and presented them to the love of your life as they wake from slumber (breakfast in bed? You've a 'yes' already) They chow down, happily sipping on their tea as they list all the shopping you've still to get done and bam! End of the cup, a 'will you marry me?' message. They look up and you're suddenly down on one knee. Perfection! (And that shopping list is pretty much out the window now too!) 'Will You Marry Me' mug from notonthehighstreet.com

2. In their hot chocolate

There's nothing like coming home to crash on the couch after the last of the Christmas shopping and indulging in a big juicy mug of hot chocolate. These hot cocoa stirrers however, could be just one better! Give your loved one a cup of hot milk for the chocolate to dissolve and a; "The spoons are nice eh? What? What's that? What does it say?"! Best. Hot chocolate. Ever. notonthehighstreet.com

3. On the Christmas tree

Sure if you can't pop the question on a festive Christmas morning when can you?! Pop a special ornament on the tree, or arrange your engagement ring or token engagement ring on one of the branches. Hopefully it catches a fairy light and your love's eye. A picture perfect moment (you just have to make sure you're awake before they are to set this one up, which for some people is better said than done.) notonthehighstreet.com

4. In their Christmas card

Not everyone exchanges cards on Christmas, but this one works all the better if you don't! Give them their present - which of course is something delightful altogether, but really nothing to write home about - and then hand them their Christmas card. While they're opening it, you're getting down on one knee, looking a little coy. Simple! notonthehighstreet.com

5. On a pair of socks

Now you absolutely have to be the right type of couple for this, but proposing on a piece of clothing can be VERY cute. On or under your wooly Christmas jumper could be a lot of fun or on a pair of socks (that are usually left beside the bed) might be the random in-joke that makes you the unique pair you are. notonthehighstreet.com

6. On a pretty balloon

This could work several ways. One cute idea would be on one of the 'down days' between Christmas and New Years. You're both on the couch with take-away ordered (but not actually ordered - sneaky) and a knock comes at the door. You bicker a little about who has to get it and they lose. They open it to find this little pretty on the doorstep, turn around and bam, you're there, ring and bottle of bubbly in hand. There's no take away but you've booked a table at your favourite restaurant well in advance, and your partner has around two hours to get ready for dinner if they need it (don't rush them or the wedding's off). notonthehighstreet.com

7. A lightbulb moment

Okay we haven't got a fully thought-out scenario for this one - but isn't this personalised lightbulb adorable anyway?! Maybe approach this one with caution if you've just woken up though. Blinding.

8. On the baby

This one explains itself really. It would be ideal if the baby hasn't spit up on it before the moment comes to ask the question, but we're fairly sure it won't be a deal-breaker anyway. notonthehighstreet.com