Top Irish jewellers pick their favourite engagement ring trends from recent years

From black and grey diamonds to timeless solitaires and heirloom halos, top Irish jewellers choose their favourite engagement ring trends from the past decade

While this year may be all about geometric designs, morganite stones and yellow gold bands (thanks Prince Harry, 2017's most unlikely trend setting jewellery designer) there's nothing more important than timeless jewellery design.

'Timeless' however, has a different meaning to different people, and thankfully what one person considers an engagement ring and another doesn't still has as much a place on a bride (or groom) to-be's finger as any other design!

With what constitutes 'wedding jewellery' changing every year, many new trends have come to the fore, and cemented their place as contemporary designs loved by many fashion-forward couples.


Other trends over the past decade have offered a nod to tradition, incorporating much of the metalwork passed down to goldsmiths from generation to generation.

While the new year has us seeking the most likely trends for the 12 months ahead, it's as important to look to the past when it comes to something as special as an engagement ring. So with that in mind, we asked some of Ireland's top jewellers and designers what has been their favourite engagement ring trend to emerge in recent years.

Chupi, Chupi:

"I adore Grey diamonds, my wonderful husband Brian proposed with a grey diamond, it was how I fell in love with jewellery. I adore the move towards grey diamonds, each stone is completely different and so you get a ring that is truly yours."

Louise Stokes, Loulerie:

"I love when people mix the metals so they might have a lovely classic solitaire round diamond set in platinum but they style it with a fine rose gold diamond band or perhaps a yellow gold with some black diamonds."

Madeline Hanlon, Boodles:

"My favourite engagement ring trend in recent years has got to be the Vintage style, ideally using an unusual cut of diamond in the centre."

Deirdre O'Donnell, Deirdre O'Donnell Jewellery:

"I like the ‘Halo’ Design as it takes an influence from historical design yet with a contemporary feel. I also love using Platinum or 18ct white gold with diamonds, which is in vogue at the moment also as this really compliments the diamond."

Seamus Fahy, Voltaire Diamonds:

"My favourite engagement ring trend to emerge in recent years has been the return to simplicity with the timeless solitaire, which rose to prominence at the turn of the 20th century. In its simple single stone setting, the solitaire allows the diamond to take on the role as the star of the show and gives it the freedom it deserves to do all the talking."

Ann Chapman, Stonechat Jewellery:

"Rose gold rings – the colour and warmth of the metal complements Irish skin.  Set with a diamond it contrasts beautifully or opt for a gemstone with pinkish tones such as morganite."