Vogue Williams' engagement ring has one very special detail that makes it completely unique

Fiancé Spencer Matthews clearly put a lot of thought into the estimated €170,000 engagement ring

Romantic Spencer Matthews has revealed just how much detail he put into creating an extra-special engagement ring for his fiancé, DJ and presenter Vogue Williams.

Spencer popped the question to his bride-to-be Vogue, who has since announced that she is pregnant, after the couple enjoyed a production of Disney's The Lion King at the West End in London.

And while much of the talk was on the beauty and size of the estimated €170K diamond, it was the little detail that the former Made in Chelsea star added to the ring that made it so special - when he had the date of their engagement inscribed into the band before he got down on one knee.


"Vogue is fascinated by bridges and architecture," he told Hello!, "so I designed it to look like a bridge."

"And it was a slightly confident move, I suppose, engraving the date of the engagemenet into the ring, especially because Vogue had asked on the morning of The Lion King if we could reschedule because she didn't feel well!"

The couple have since announced that they are expecting their first child together, and Vogue revealed that she suffered terrible morning sickness in her first trimester.

"It was very hard," she said, "At about five weeks I started feeling sick. And whoever said it's morning sickness clearly undersold it."

The couple said they had spoken about getting engaged in January or February this year, and began trying for a baby in November, however they say they were surprised at how quickly they managed to become pregnant.

Spencer got down on one knee to ask his 'best friend' to marry him, and said he wasn't nervous at all, settling his nerves with a whiskey during the interval of the show.

"The Lion King is one of my favourite stories ever," he said.

"I'd arranged for it [the proposal] to be just the two of us on stage where the magic had happened previously - Simba had just reclaimed Pride Rock, and now here I was, proposing. And she did me a favour and said yes right away."

Bride-to-be Vogue is clearly delighted with her diamond, joking: "I thought 'yep that looks big enough for my giant hands'. I love it more every day."