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Barely there bridal: This designer is aiming to 'break down barriers' with some seriously daring wedding dresses

Berta turns up the heat with revealing sheer designs

Before we start, we should mention that this one's not for the wallflower bride.

In fact, Berta's signature barely-there bridal designs aren't for a lot of people, yet the Israeli design house continues to push the boundaries of bridal with its startlingly sheer bodices, plunging (and we mean to-the-belly-button plunging) necklines and, in a new twist on the traditional wedding dress, now very visible knickerlines (we told you these weren't for wallflowers, guys).

It's no surprise wedding dress designs are becoming a little more daring of course. In recent years bridal designers have been keeping a close eye on couture, which in turn influences culture, trickling down to the high street and into the wardrobes of regular folk like you and I - whether consciously or subconsciously (and for most, completely unconsciously).


Sheer bodices are now very much a thing in bridal - this year sees a massive trend in brides in 'illusion' upper halfs that are covered in strategically placed embroidered silk 'petals' and usually paired with an A-line princess style full tulle skirt for balance - and when one Danish fashionista recently tied the knot in a see-through lace dress over a pair of lilac underpants, it was abundantly clear than when it comes to her wedding, today's bride wears what she wants.

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Let's not forget the Duchess of Sussex herself Meghan Markle opted for a similarly risqué style with her edgy €50K Ralph & Russo gown in her official engagement photos with now-husband Harry... Indeed at the time it was also rumoured that the bride-to-be had requested designs for her own wedding dress from Berta's fellow Israeli boundary-pushing designer Inbal Dror, which we're sure would have made for an altogether more eyebrow-raising affair at St George's Chapel.

For its part, Berta is one of many bridal designers spearheading the 'less is more' trend, and 'Miami' - with its crystal work, sequins, tattoo-effect sleeves and dramatic trains - only furthers their plight to 'break down barriers' of what's considered 'acceptable' for 'the big day'.

"Breaking all the barriers and creating a vision of art is what Berta stands for," says the designer. "This season’s collection takes it to a whole new level"

"The ever so famous plunging necklines, open backs, and sexy silhouettes were still very much present, but adding a twist with dramatic trains and never before seen fabrications is what took this collection over the edge."

Berta was inspired by new, unique materials for the collection, which formed the basis of every design.

"The inspiration behind it all always starts with the raw materials, the seductive fabrics that tell a story but just need the artisan to create the masterpiece."

"It's the epitome of stylish, sexy, and feminine."