Left: Chiara Ferragni in Dior for 2018 wedding, pic via Instagram | Helen Cody's design from Social & Personal, 2015

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'I'm amazed at the similarity' - Irish designer Helen Cody 'flattered' by comparison to Chiara Ferragni's Dior wedding dress

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Which is why Irish designer Helen Cody's week was made when she saw top Instagram influencer Chiara Ferragni's bespoke Dior wedding dress doing the rounds on social media over the weekend.

In a sartorial scéal that will no doubt remind many of one Emilia Wickstead's 'identical' quip about the royal wedding dress and one of her own designs, the Dublin-based designer posted a photo of a wedding gown she created three years ago, side-by-side with Chiara's Christian Dior ceremony gown (she wore five different outfits in total throughout the wedding celebrations), sparking a wave of comments about just how similar the styles were.


"I literally looked and was like Holy God! that's so similar to one of ours," Helen told THEVOW.ie.

Newlywed Chiara had shared the photo of her big day with her 14 million fans, while her personalised wedding day hashtag ramped up a following of three times that over the course of her and husband Federico Leonardo 'Fedez' Lucia's nuptials.

"I'm a tiny independent designer from Ireland, but it's almost like now I can think - God, I could compete on a world stage with someone like Dior. It's so nice, it just made my week really."

Helen explains however that while the two may look identical, there are subtle difference that perhaps aren't visible on a photograph.

For instance, Helen's design has longer sleeves, and pearl buttons on the back - Dior's buttons are covered. Helen's lace is a little more of a crochet style while Dior's is a closer weave. Helen's lace is covered with tiny Swarovski crystals that catch the light and sparkle when the bride moves, Dior's of course, was actually a little lace romper with a huge tulle skirt overlay.

"There's few who could get away with that style," she says of the bride's unusual two-piece, "but it was just great for her. It was very sweet."

And while Helen's design has since been sold to and worn by a blushing bride here in Ireland, she had another similar style in her Dublin studio for anyone inspired by Chiara's modern bridal look.

"Our dresses are all designed and hand made in Dublin - we hand embellish everything here and there's only two of us. It's a slow process, but [seeing Dior's dress] has just made us feel great that we approached it so similarly.

"They have a huge atelier with hundreds working on their dresses - I feel like it's like David vs. Goliath! But it's great for us to know we could compete. It's nice to know that we could be relevant on the global stage."

While the comparison to Dior is very welcome, Helen admits she has been most flattered however by those who have compared both gowns... and said that they preferred her design.

"I don't know about that, they're different, but it's so nice that people are just being so nice about our dresses," says Helen.

Dolce & Gabbana co-founder Stephano Gabbana hasn't been quite as flattering with his critique of the bride's big day look.

He hit the headlines this week for calling Chiara's Dior dress 'cheap' in a comment on UK Harper's Bizarre's Instagram post of the wedding.

Instagram's 'Comments by Celebs' account picked up on the post, and shared it saying "On today's edition of, 'Can't Keep It To Himself' - Stefano Gabbana."

The Chiara Ferragni / Fedez Lucia wedding garnered a huge following on social media over the course of the celebrations, with data analytics site Launchmetrics reporting that their hashtag #TheFerragnez overtook the online popularity of the British royal wedding earlier this year.

The happy couple's personalised hashtag was at one stage followed by 67 million people worldwide.

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