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New York Bridal Fashion Week: High couture from the Ines Di Santo Spring 2019 Bridal Collection

If everyone else was designing for a modern princess bride, Ines di Santo was designing for a future queen

If full on glamour is your thing, you'll find it in abundance in Ines de Santo's stunning spring 2019 bridal collection.

Glistening ballgowns, bold bouffant sheer sleeves and lavish capes that wouldn't look out of place on in a season finale of The Crown came as standard, with a sprinkle of understated satin sheaths allowing attendees of the show at New York Bridal Fashion Week a breath.

That's not to say this collection was standard bridal. Anything but, in fact.


Ines di Santo has gone extravagant for spring, and where the contemporary was injected into the offering, it was done with just as much aplomb as awarded to the designer's signature silhouttes.

There was a sparkling almost sci-fi style jumpsuit, which came with the bump of a massive detachable tulle skirt (and would have worked equally as well with one of the superhero capes that adorned other, more 'subdued' styles of dress) and one feathered number we're sure we saw on Strictly a few weeks back.

But we digress. If everyone else at NYBFW this year was designing for a princess bride, Ines di Santo was designing for a future queen.

Or should we say 'Kween'?

No, we shouldn't.