The Vow

Five years later, Amy Huberman's wedding dress is still the talk of Irish brides

I was always dying to meet Stephanie Allin, the Welsh bridal designer who everyone zoned in on after Amy Huberman walked down the aisle in her heart-stoppingly gorgeous Symphony dress.

"There isn't a week that I don't get at least two calls enquiring about the dress that Amy wore," said Stephanie, who I met when she was over for the Shelbourne Wedding Forum on Wednesday.

"The day after the wedding, a neighbour of ours on Chiltern Street called over with the Irish Independent and while I didn't recognise the name Brian O'Driscoll, my husband and family, who are sports mad, knew who Brian was," said Stephanie.


Speaking of designers, I laughed heartily when Paul Costelloe told me about his recent trip to Asia. "Instead of having dinner, I often go out painting in the evenings. I sit on a wall and paint and people have thrown money at me and they did in Bangkok," said Paul, who is in Dublin next Thursday for a Q&A in Arnotts menswear department from 6.30pm.