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Georgia Salpa's wedding guests in the dark about Italian venue

Georgia Salpa will marry in two weeks, but guests are being kept in the dark about the details.

The Celebrity Big Brother star (30) will wed hedge fund manager Joe Penna in Italy on May 30th, but the model is determined to keep the details under lock and key - even from her wedding guests.

Salpa's guests are flying into Milan, but have only been told they will be met by a luxury coach on arrival and will not be given the address of the premises where they are staying or will the wedding will take place, according to the Irish Daily Mail.


Initial reports speculated that Florence would be their destination of choice, then Portofino, but it will likely be closer to Milan. In another surprising move, the AR Model has shunned glossy magazine deals as Penna is said to prefer a life away from the spotlight.


While some of those in attendance might be in the dark about details, it will by no means be a low-key affair, but rather a no expense spared celebration to last three days.

Her bridal party includes seven bridesmaids, including model Michele McGrath and best man, celebrity hairdresser Maurice Flynn.

The half-Greek beauty became engaged in December 2013 two years of dating.