Photo by Julie Cummins


Five ways to keep wedding guests cool in the summer sun

Stop your wedding guests wilting in the sun with these five great tips!

No doubt couples will be overjoyed if they're blessed with the weather we've been enjoying this week for their big day, but when their guests' faces are starting to slip off and onto their white linens, they might wish they'd thought of these five ideas to keep everyone cool!

1. Hire an ice cream truck for post-ceremony noms

The most delicious tip on our list might also be the most obvious, but hiring an ice cream van is always going to be a hit with guests, no matter what the weather. Go nostalgic with a "Doggy in the Window" playing 99 dispenser (such as Mr. Whippy or Smiths Ice Cream) or opt for a snazzy vintage-look photo op maker (such as Teddy's or Rockfield Ice Cream). Whatever way you decide to serve up your icy treats, they're bound to go down easy (or more likely too quickly resulting in the dreaded brain freeze) on a day like today.


2. DIY ceremony booklets that double as fans

Arguably most paper creations could be fashioned to waft air, but purpose-built fans do feel a little classier for the day that's in it.

The ceremony booklet-come-fan has been a hit with destination weddings for a while now, with many couples incorporating it into their DIY prop list for an outdoor ceremony in the sun. They make for a handy keepsake after the big day too, and older guests are certain to really appreciate the thought.

3. Sweat-proof your bathroom baskets

The idea of a 'bathroom basket' might sound a little odd to those who have yet to come across one, but for guests who have to endure the painful choice between foundation or deodorant, or perfume and phone, the bathroom basket is truly a gift from the gods. DIY bathroom baskets usually contain bits and pieces guests might find they need as the day goes on such as mints, plasters, hair clips etc but for a particularly sunny day there are other items that could be added. The obvious one is sun cream for face and body, and aloe vera gel could be added to the basket as the day goes on. Deodorant, body spray and blister pads should come in handy, and guests who have opted to wear their hair loose will probably appreciate a couple of bobbins and some dry shampoo.

4. Hydrate with mocktails

Having an open bar at the wedding might seem mad to some, but there's no harm in adding a beverage station to your drinks reception serving mocktails, water and soft drinks for guests to have their fill. The warm weather brings on an awful thirst for most people, and the dehydration of guests could spell massive problems later if people opt to keep cool with beer and cider. A free non-alcoholic option will be a heaven-send for all, even if it's just iced water and cucumber. Make sure your waiters are topping everyone up with H2O as they're serving the heavier stuff.

5. Offer a change of attire

Well, not exactly a full change of attire, but with flip flop baskets going down well on the dance floor there's definitely something to be said about having some accessories on hand to help guests shade against the sun. Flip flops are actually a good option as sweaty feet become increasingly at odds with stiletto heels. Fans, sunbrellas, hats and wraps could also come in handy for guests who haven't dressed for the weather.

Main photo by Julie Cummins Photography