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Revealed: The sneaky way Irish wedding guests are saving money at the hotel bar

43pc admit to smuggling alcohol into a wedding reception.

Nearly half of the people who have attended a wedding as a guest admit to having smuggled their own booze into the reception.

That's according to a poll on, which found that 43% of people who have attended an Irish wedding have brought along their own booze in an attempt to save money at the bar.

However it's not just alcoholic beverages that guests are hoping to save on.


Facebook commenters on the topic also admitted to bringing their own bottles of water into events to avoid the "astronomical" price of bottled water at the nation's hotel bars.

"I've been known to bring my own plastic bottle of tap water into premises rather than pay their astronomical price for water," said one poster.

While 43% of those who took the poll admitted to smuggling booze into a wedding, most public Facebook posters said they "wouldn't dream" of taking in their own drinks, tagging friends who they also declared wouldn't attempt to do the same.

Of those who did, they revealed how they sneakily topped up their drinks with small bottles or by concealing alcohol in a soft drinks bottle.

"Nobody says you don't buy drink at the bar just not all of it" said one Facebook poster, who declared that hip flasks were "back big time too".

Others declared hotel prices to be a "rip off".

"Hotel prices are a total rip off," said one Facebook user "[drinks] should be same price across the board."

One user said that taking a personal stash of alcohol into a hotel bar was akin to stealing, and called anyone who did so "disgraceful".

"You visited the hotel, you know the prices-- you booked it for the wedding-- so stop complaining and enjoy your day-- or don't drink-- you will enjoy the wedding."