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Seven surprising places to shop for wedding decor in Ireland

Where to source gorgeous wedding decor for your DIY day

The idea of a Pinterest wedding is an attractive one - beautiful centrepieces, dreamy dessert tables, fabulous name card displays, the list goes on.

Finding the decor for said DIY wedding however is a totally different story.

How many of us have spent hours, days even, scrolling through gorgeous real weddings, perfect Pins and inspirational Instagram accounts looking for the wedding of our dreams, only to find that when it comes to actually creating these straight-out-of-a-magazine settings, there isn't one set place to start?


Truth is, a Pinterest perfect wedding requires lots of effort and DIY isn't always the cheapest way to go. But if you are set on delving down into the world of chalkboards, bunting, table displays and candy buffets, knowing where to find the pieces to pull it off is half the battle.

So without further adieu, we present seven of the best spots to source decor items in Ireland.


While you may not want to do a Don't Tell the Bride and actually tie the knot in the place, IKEA is an absolute playground for couples looking to bulk-buy gorgeous decor at a decent price. For things like tea-lights, candle holders and napkins you can't go far wrong with a quick (or twelve-hour) trip to the Scandinavian home of practical flatwear.

Bag it: Picture frames that double as table number holders, tea lights, vases, plant pots, lanterns, labels, gift tags, greenery

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2. Penneys

Sure it wouldn't be an Irish shopping list without a couple of pieces from Penneys, and the super store are absolutely nailing homewear, and along with it some wonderful dedicated wedding decor too. Keep your eye out for signage, a major trend this year, and items like tea light holders, candles and other table decor pieces that could make up a unique display for a centrepiece. Think Penneys for things like your bathroom baskets, if you're having one, or little gift bags for the kids or bridesmaids. They also do bridal lingerie.

Bag it: Beauty products for your bathroom basket, trinkets, tote bags for bridesmaids, signs, candles, lingerie

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3. Aldi

How did we ever get by without it? Aldi has, in its relatively short time in the country, been embraced by the Irish people as one of their own, and become an integral part of the local lexicon. Their weekly buys are ones to watch if you're planning on snazzing up your wedding decor with a couple of personalised pieces. Special buys from Aldi in the past have been ideal wedding items - vases, frames, candles, signs and garden decor and outdoor games that would work a treat for keeping the party going the day after and there are sure to be plenty of wedding-appropriate items added to their product offerings in the future.

Bag it: Weekly buys - frames, decor, signs, outdoor games

4. Dealz

When Dealz launched their hen party range, everybody was pleasantly surprised. But there's plenty more to Dealz than feather boas for a night out! Games, signs and stationery could all be utilised for a wedding, once you have the vision. For sweet tables Dealz could be the way to go; bulk buy your jellies and bars, pop them into jars of various sizes (also available from Dealz) and you've got desserts and favours sorted!

Bag it: Hen party, bathroom basket items, sweets, gift wrapping, items for kids' goody bags

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5. Tiger

This Danish retail chain is a great spot for bits and pieces you might not have considered but that could work really well for decor, depending on your style. Tiger has a super stationery section which could work for table names, name cards, table plan displays, gift wrapping, thank you cards and anything else you can think of. They make changes to their product offerings monthly, meaning there is always something fresh to choose from, which is why it's worth keeping an eye on things whenever you're passing by (and maybe pick up a few of their cute bags of spices while you're there sure!)

Bag it: Photobooth props, ribbons, candles, games, cake toppers and decor

6. Your local hardware store

Not just the place to pop to when the garden weeds begin to engulf your grounds, your local hardware store could also be a treasure trove for gorgeous wedding day decor. Think hanging lanterns, cute signs and unusual items that could be fashioned into cake stands or display tables. The hardware store is also the best place to pick up things like twine, tacs and anything you need to keep that bunting from falling down halfway through the day. Crafty couples could benefit from things like copper piping, for some unique candelabras, spray paint or garden wire for displays.

Bag it: Lanterns, signs, tools and items for hanging decor

7. Car boot sales

If you're serious about an ultra unique and crafty wedding, get yourself down to your local car boot sale. Think old furniture and unusual tables to display guest books, desserts or the cake and old doors or windows on which to scroll your schedule, table plan or menu. You could pick up picture frames for photos of family weddings, ornate trinkets for an unusual centrepiece, vintage suit cases to gather cards or notes, bird cages, stuffed pheasants the sky's the limit!

Bag it: Display tables, vintage suitcases, photo frames, ornate windows, trinkets