The new business class at Virgin Atlantic includes 'love seats' that are ideal for honeymooners


Airline launches new 'together seats' for loved-up honeymooners

'Love seats' allow newlyweds to dine side-by-side and watch movies together as they head off into the sunset

An airliner has ensured the honeymoon period gets into full swing from the get-go with their brand new 'love seats'.

The sweet two-seater option is being launched by Virgin Atlantic, whose new take on premium class is sure to go down well with those couples with a penchant for boxsets - and making sure neither one is getting any sneaky episodes in on their own.

The romantic spin on the former business class section of the plane offers a new suite of seats including 'Love Suites', 'Solo Freedom Suites', and 'Solo Corner Suites' (for when you've had enough of the lovey-dovey perhaps?)


During the flight honeymooners are able to select from a special barista-style coffee menu, get free massages and avail of an improved amenity kit featuring ‘Happy (couple?) Socks’.

Virgin describes their 'together-suite' as "ideal for dual dining, watching movies together, or even catching up on work."

With the former Air Berlin aircrafts operating out of Manchester to Barbados, Boston, New York, and San Francisco, the option isn't available for those heading out from T1 and T2 just yet, but perhaps the romantic idea might spark something in a certain Irish airliner in the future?