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Heavenly home from home: How Airbnb's new luxury 'Plus' rentals could change the honeymoon game

Airbnb's plans to extend their new top-tier level for luxury accommodation - under the name 'Airbnb Plus' - includes some seriously gorgeous honeymoon locations, which is great news for those looking for a 'home away from home' for their post-wedding getaway.

The Airbnb Plus category is a new selection of only the 'highest quality homes' where hosts are known for their excellent reviews and attention to detail.

So far the new category has been rolled out in cities including London, Barcelona, Milan, Shanghai and Sydney, but there are plans to extend the service to include 50 markets by the end of 2018, including top honeymoon destinations such as Bali, Crete and Mexico City (and luxury hen and stag locations like Prague and Lisbon).


The expansion comes as good news for those with a penchant for the a 'home away from home' holiday setting and luxury honeymoon rentals as they plan the honeymoon of a lifetime in increasingly unique locations.

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Homes that qualify as 'Plus' accommodation are labeled with a 'plus' tab on the site and can be searched for under 'verified homes'.

To date prices go from around €70 per night for a private room in an ocean view home near Salt Creek Beach in California, USA, to up to €1,666 for a private hilltop home in Bel Air (it has a pool).

The new luxury home rentals could soon start making waves in the honeymoon industry as couples look for more unique locations and venues to splash the cash, without the worry that can sometimes go with spending big on private accommodation. Travel: 10 best Airbnbs: Load up your Little Black Book with these surprising rentals

What are the requirements for 'Airbnb Plus' accommodation?

To become an 'Airbnb Plus' home, a house or apartment must first be personally vetted by an Airbnb 'Partner', and pass a 100 point checklist which covers everything from decor to facilities and of course, the all-important hospitality of the hosts.

Since launching Airbnb Plus in February, over 20,000 hosts have applied to be listed as an Airbnb Plus property.

Qualities of an 'Airbnb Plus' home include:

1. Thoughtful design

"Cohesive interior design with personal touches'

"Layout of furniture is thoughtfully arranged and not cluttered"

"All counters and cabinets are organized and clutter-free"

"Wires and cables for electronics are organized and hidden from sight"

2. Comfort

"Beds are elevated off the floor and have flat mattresses, soft matching linens, and two sleeping pillows for every guest"

"At least eight clothing hangers and an empty drawer or shelf are provided for guests’ clothes"

3. Be well equipped

"TV with remote control and access to entertainment, such as cable, Netflix, or Roku"

"Fast Wi-Fi with download speeds of at least 5 Mbps"

4. Be well maintained

"Outdoor areas are well-kept, with no overgrowth or dead plants"

"There’s a neutral or pleasant aroma in every room"

5. Be eligible for verified status

Other requirements for Airbnb Plus include hosts of homes that have:

  •     Maintained an average rating of 4.8 over the past year
  •     Accepted 95% of booking requests over the past year, including instantly booked reservations
  •     No canceled reservations over the past year (except for any penalty-free cancellations) These are the top honeymoon trends for 2018, according to Pinterest