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Cancel the stripper, lads - survey finds striptease 'most embarrassing' at hen parties

Strippers are out and organised fun is in for Irish hen weekends according to new survey

The results are in and it seems that hens have started showing strippers the exit sign, while elsewhere nude life drawing has become one of the most popular activities for bridal showers.

A new survey, carried out by Sligo-based hen and stag party planners, revealed that a third of hens found the arrival of a stripper to be the most embarrassing thing they have ever seen on a hen – especially when the hen was uncomfortable.

Two-thirds of those who responded also said they believed a dry bridal shower would as much of a hit as a boozy one, while 66% believe that having a joint hen and stag weekend is a bad idea.


Healthy Hens

Every group's Monica will be happy to hear that planned activities are now seen as 'a must' on hen and stag weekends, with "Detective" style games and life nude drawing now top of the wish list with hen weekends becoming altogether more sophisticated affairs.

"It can break the ice between those who don’t know each other very well,” said Fergal Quinn, owner of HenandStagSigo. ie. “Planned activities can keep the mood light but encourage a competitive spirit and encourage bonding amongst the group,"

“They can break up the day, ensure that people don’t start drinking too early and can be really inclusive of all the group, no matter the age or relationship to each other.”

Tacky is Trendy

One trend that hasn't changed however is the 'tacky' costumes most associated with hen parties, with half of those surveyed agreeing that it's not a hen party without the obligatory veils, sashes and t-shirts on display.

And while strippers were declared the most embarrassing aspect of a hen weekend, there were plenty more reasons for red faces at other hen parties. Other embarrassing moments revealed from the survey included the bride’s skirt splitting on the dance floor, funny Mr & Mrs quiz answers and "people generally getting drunk."

“I got lost during the hen party while carrying a blow-up doll!" said one respondent, "I had to go to the Garda station for directions and they were calling me ‘Barbie’ and the doll ‘Ken’.”

Another revealed that the bride-to-be fell asleep in the airport toilet and missed her flight.

Top Five Most Popular Hen Activities

Top Five Most Popular Stag Activities

1. Crystal Maze 1. Paintball
2. The Cube Challenge 2. Funballs
3. Cocktail Masterclass 3. Clay Pigeon Shooting
4. True Detective Rescue the Groom 4. Surfing
5. Life Nude Painting 5. Coasteering