3. Settle down in style in an open-plan flat fitted with an indoor pool in Rome, from €279 per night | Photo Airbnb.com

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Five stunning Airbnb Plus rentals to inspire your unique luxury honeymoon

Verified 'Plus' homes for the elusive 'something different' post-wedding getaway

The launch of Airbnb Plus adds a fun new element to the honeymoon game.

With stunning properties in London, LA, Barcelona, Shanghai, Cape Town and Sydney currently on the list of 'verified' homes, and the market opening up to popular honeymoon destinations Bali and Mexico City later this year, there will be a huge variety of places for couples searching for the higher end 'home away from home' for a luxury private honeymoon next year.

What is Airbnb Plus?

The Airbnb Plus category is a new selection of only the 'highest quality homes' where hosts are known for their excellent reviews and attention to detail.


To become an 'Airbnb Plus' home, a house or apartment must first be personally vetted by an Airbnb 'Partner', and pass a 100 point checklist which covers everything from decor to facilities and of course, the all-important hospitality of the hosts.

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So far the new category has been rolled out in cities including London, Barcelona, Milan, Shanghai and Sydney, but there are plans to extend the service to include 50 markets by the end of 2018, including top honeymoon destinations such as Bali, Crete and Mexico City (and luxury hen and stag locations like Prague and Lisbon).

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Luxury honeymoon rentals from Airbnb Plus

Here are some of the most intriguing properties we've spotted on the Airbnb Plus page to inspire your unique honeymoon.

Looking for more ideas? Check out airbnb.ie for a full list of properties.