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How fabulous! Sarah Jessica Parker poses with bride during Donegal holiday

Talk about the ultimate wedding gift.

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are currently holidaying in Donegal, where they have a home, and the actress was happy to pose for photos with fans.

The Sex and the City star was enjoying a meal at Lough Eske when bride Máire O'Flynn approached the superstar for a photo to complete her big day.


"I was very hesitant to approach her because I didn't want to disturb her on her holiday and at a private dinner," Ms O'Flynn told BBC online.

"But a few of the other guests thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn't get a photo on my big day with such an iconic celebrity.

"My brother Sean went in and asked would it be okay and she said no problem, we'll just finish our coffee and conversation and, once we're ready to leave, we'll come and get you.

"She sent some of the staff to get me from the dance floor just as she was leaving, and I went out and got a lovely picture with her and she was very kind."

And the Golden Globe winner was full of well wishes for the happy couple, from Limavady.

"She said that I looked beautiful and hoped that I was having a great day," Ms O'Flynn added.

"She also mentioned that my bridesmaid looked fabulous, which was great.

"It was a nice addition to the day and added a bit of celebrity status to the occasion."