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'I'm a bridechilla not a bridezilla,' says make up guru Tara O'Farrell

Planning a wedding is no easy gig but model and bride-to-be Tara O'Farrell insists she's more of a "bridechilla" than a "bridezilla".

Tara, who is on the books at Assets model agency, is in the middle of planning her nuptials to long-term boyfriend Daniel Anderson.

While some find hunting for the perfect wedding dress and picking 'Save-the-Date' cards stressful, Tara is enjoying every part of the process.


"Things didn't happen the way I thought they would, I was dreading looking for a dress because I don't wear dresses unless I'm modelling," the model and make up artist told the Diary.

"I thought they'd all look really stupid on me but then I loved the second one I tried on, so I stopped looking after that.

"I'm doing make-up at a few weddings a week at the moment and when the bride comes out I'm like 'I want your dress' so hopefully I'll still love my one by next August.

"I thought it would be more stressful but it's all coming together and fingers crossed it'll stay that way," she added.

While she's one of Ireland's top make-up artists, Tara won't be doing her own bridal make-up on her big day.

"I'm not really fussy when it comes to my make-up and I love having someone else do it for me," she said.

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When it came to picking her venue, Tara said it had to be Carton House, but is a tad concerned about the weather.

"We're having it in the old part so the ceremony and the reception will happen all under the one roof," she said.

"If it rains I won't be that sad because at least I won't have to leave the building. Then it'll be a bonus if it's sunny and we can get photos on the grounds."

While wedding planning is keeping her busy, Tara said she's glad her career as a make-up artist has taken off as modelling has a short life span.

"You can't really be a full-time model in Ireland in my opinion - you need to do something else," she said.

"I modelled full-time for a year and I just found it a bit unreliable. It can be really busy and then you won't get a job for a week.

"It has a bit of a shelf life too. I'm 29 and sometimes I could be doing jobs with 17 year olds - I'm 12 years older than them, it's mental.

"When I get into my 30s if there's jobs still offered I'll do them but it starts to slow down the older you get," she added.