The Vow

Instagram's #FollowMeTo couple wed and the pictures are as romantic as you'd expect

It's the social media wedding of the year.

Photographer Murad Ossman has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, glued to his captivating #FollowMeTo photo series, which sees him documenting his travels with his now wife Natalia Zakharova.

Their adventures have taken them all around the world and have earned them international attention with exhibitions and a book deal, but they've been saving the best 'til last - their wedding.


The couple exchanged vows at the Zhavoronki Event Hall near Moscow and shared a number of behind the scenes photos of their big day, including the set-up behind the infamous 'follow me to' shot of Natalia leading her husband.

Our Russian is a little rusty, but the folks over at Cosmopolitan first spotted the wedding and translated the captions.

"#followmeto the wedding with my love @yourleo. I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives. [In Russian] A big thanks to Vera Wang Moscow for the wedding dress, to the best agency @wedoagency, and to the best possible decorator @lidseventhouse for this fairytale!!"

Repost from @wedoagency Свадьба, которую ждали миллионы поклонников проекта #followmeto по всему миру состоялась! Интернет пестрит кадрами с торжества #osmannwed Мы были счастливы создавать декор для этой уникальной пары! Наташа @yourleo и Мурад @muradosmann , огромное вам спасибо за доверие!!! Это было волшебное приключение! Мы ваши навеки!!!!! Decor - @lidseventhouse Planning - @wedoagency Photo - @andrew_bayda Venue @zhavoronkieventhall #lidseventhouse #osmannwed #follow_lids #wedding #weddingdecor #magic #ceremony #ceremonydecor #decorations #stylishwedding #chik #topevent #topwedding #свадьба #шик #люкс #красота #мечта #кудаприводятмечты

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