James Middleton and Donna Air

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Introducing James Middleton: the little-known little brother of Kate and Pippa

The youngest Middleton sibling will reportedly be attending sister Pippa's wedding this weekend with his girlfriend Donna Air. But he won't be supplying the cake.

Kate and Pippa's younger brother will be attending the Berkshire-based wedding this weekend with his girlfriend Donna Air. But surprisingly little has been said about him, his love life, or his potential outfit choice.

While those on Pippa Wedding Watch have been busy debating plush portable loos, what Kate will wear and an alleged "no ring no bring" rule, little has been said about the arguably more interesting little brother of Kate and Pippa.

So what do we actually know about the 30-year old entrepreneur?


Well that he's 30 is a start.

And we know he has a serious girlfriend: DJ and presenter Donna Air (we didn't want to know that though).

We know the cake company he launched in the same year as big sister Kate's wedding failed to rise, and that his personalised marshmallow company, Boomf, is going through a bit of a sticky time.

We also know he's a bit of a risk taker, whether in business or in his love life, and that he's prepared to be known as “the little brother of…”, referring to his high profile big sisters Kate and Pippa, for the foreseeable future.

But back to James.

Though he has spoken about his desire to have children and has said he "isn't scared of" marriage, he and girlfriend Donna Air's relationship has, like his businesses, had its ups and downs.

In 2016 James and 37-year-old Donna were reported to have taken a four month "relationship hiatus" when the businessman moved to Hong Kong to secure investment for his marshmallow company Boomf.

However, the entrepreneur later confirmed in an interview that the couple were back together, and were said by friends to have come "back to the romance feeling it was the real thing" .

"I can’t say everything that is happening with us," James told the Daily Mail in an interview in November last year. ‘We are thinking about where we are going next."

Sister Pippa also appears to be serious about their relationship, and is said to have extended a wedding invite to the "well liked" Donna, despite reports of an alleged "no ring no bring" rule.

Business Ventures

James' cake-making business, Nice Group London, which he  set up in 2011 when he dropped out of Edinburgh University, failed to get off the ground despite investment and was reported to have closed down in 2015.

James’s new venture, a personalised confectionery company called Boomf, was reported by the Daily Mail to have hired former Moonpig commercial director Sophie Drummer as CEO in January this year. The same report also noted that Pippa's partner James Matthews has invested over £100,000 to buy a stake of more than 12,800 shares.

More Weddings for the Middleton Family

Although it's all about Pippa's big day this weekend, many are already looking forward to more Middleton and British royal weddings that might be on the cards, with Britain's Prince Harry and his US actress girlfriend Meghan Markle tipped to be the next to walk up the aisle.

However the Middleton family might again pip them to the post, this time with their youngest.

"I love Donna very much," James said recently. "She makes me very happy [and] I think I make her very happy."

With talk like that we find ourselves looking to him for the next wedding celebration, or maybe just to supply the edible marshmallow favours for one.