Richard Keatley and Lisa Cannon

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‘It’s a physical and emotional rollercoaster’ Lisa Cannon ‘overwhelmed’ with Vera Wang wedding invitations, usherettes and Tom Ford suits

TV3 presenter Lisa Cannon has said that planning her dream wedding has not been as ‘joyous’ as she expected.

The Xpose host is set to marry her rugby player husband-to-be in Florence this September.

Lisa (36) has told VIP Magazine that she is “overwhelmed” with the preparations, despite the fact she has a wedding planner.


“It’s really quite stressful - I’m quite taken aback at the amount of work involved,” she told the outlet.

“I had no idea it was going to be like this. On top of the ferocious hours we have on Xpose, it is proving quite a lot to deal with.

"It's tough going, this is not as joyous an experience as I would like. I am wrecked,” she said.

“Specifying to the caterers what kind of cutlery is a task in itself. It is just a massive physical and emotional rollercoaster.”

The brunette has previously said she hopes to use the same caterers as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enlisted for their own Italian nuptials last May.

Lisa also told of how there is now a spanner in the works as one of her usherettes rang her in floods of tears the other day.

“She is pregnant, and due two days before the wedding and can’t make it,” Lisa revealed.

“Even the invites are troubling me.

"I found this company - they are the only company in Ireland that do Vera Wang invites. I just had to have them and obviously they come at a cost. And that is the other snag. Everything is money, money, money. Anything I like always seems to be really expensive. I obviously have really expensive taste,” she joked.

Style is also another area where no expenses will be spared.

“Richard is wearing a Tom Ford suit that Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall. There are only five in the country. That sounds so ostentatious but it is his wedding day.”

Lisa will have Irish tenor George Hutton performing at the ceremony.

"When we were going through music with the opera singer, I was overwhelmed. Should I do a classical string quartet or should I do opera when I am walking up the aisle? There are these decisions to make. And I can't really offload that to anyone else. It's too personal," she told VIP.

The TV3 star has a number of ideas of how to honour the memory of her late mother Laura on her special day. "She will be very much part of that day. That's very important to me," she added.

"I found Mother's Day this year particularly hard, but you know, you're a big girl and you just get on with it. But I feel she is with me throughout it all and I'm hoping she guides me in the right way for certain things."

Read the full interview in this week's VIP Magazine, out today