Pulling no punches: Louis Walsh

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Louis Walsh: I turned down invite to Brian and Vogue's wedding as I knew it wouldn't last

Boyband manager Louis Walsh has revealed that he neglected to attend Brian McFadden and Vogue William's big day as he knew it would be short lived.

The Mayo man believes that the couple are still on good terms, as they just came to the realisation that their union wasn't meant to be.

"They're happy, they're really good friends. They just did it too quickly," Louis told The Irish Sun.


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"He said to me, 'Are you going to come to the wedding?' And I said, 'No, I'll go to the next one,' and he laughed. He has a brilliant sense of humour."

"I like him and he understood that, and I will go to his next one."

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The former X Factor judge (63) was also unable to resist teasing music mogul Simon Cowell, ahead of tonight's X Factor launch night.

"He has all the money in the world and no taste," Louis said about his friend's "Cuban heels and silly jeans".

Although he did admit that Simon had sent him a congratulatory text about his new Cadbury's ad.

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