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The Vow

Men reveal the moment they knew they would marry their partner

...and their stories are as sweet as they come!

Everyone loves sharing their own 'how we met' story, but not many talk about the exact moment they knew their partner was the one they would go on to marry.

This week, Reddit posed the question in their always insightful 'Ask Reddit' section, and the replies were as sweet as they come!

The post, which playfully asked married men at what point they knew they would ask their girlfriend to be their wife, threw up some absolute gems from users.


Proving the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, one user, going by the name 'BAinBS', revealed that he knew his wife was 'the one' when she handed him a perfectly unwrapped burger to eat as he was driving.

"Not sure why but I just felt so loved, nurtured and happy in that moment," the forum poster said.

Another married man admitted that it was his wife's humour that had him hooked, and said that he knew he would one day ask her to marry him when she kept making him laugh as they attempted to have a serious conversation.

"Her sense of humor is incredible," he added.

A theme that emerged throughout the answers was one of nurturing, with several posters saying that it was when they were ill and being taken care of that they thought they would one day ask their partner to marry them.

"Once I got flu, she stood by me day and night until I recovered. I got to see her nurturing side for the first time," said user 'upvoteifurgey'.

"I was already in love with her, this sealed the deal."

For some married men it dawned on them as early as the second date that they would go on to marry their partner.

After he fell asleep on the couch at his date's house while his she made dinner in the kitchen, one user said he woke to find that she was no longer there.

Thinking he had messed up his second date he got up to leave, only to find his future wife returning to the house with a fresh set of clothes and toiletries for him for work the next morning.

"She walked nine blocks up the hill to my apartment, got me everything I needed for the next day, and came back."

Some of the best "The moment I knew" stories from Reddit

"For the most part, it was the fact that the very day we started dating she was staying at my house, not quite living there, just hanging out forever till that turned into living with me." - ClumpyChunks

"I actually have a picture I took of her the moment I realized it. Nothing in particular happened. We had been dating for a while and went on vacation together. When we arrived at the resort, we were sitting on the veranda having a drink and it just hit me: "This is the girl I am going to marry." So I immediately took her picture. The look on her face is sort of like, "Why are you looking at me like that?"" - ohcleverusername

"The day she took off work to help me go through a dumpster. I had accidentally thrown my keys in the trash while cleaning out my car." - Danger0clock

"We were locked in a car together for 2 days, and when I dropped her off at the airport in Florida, I still wanted to hang out with her. That's when I knew. Two years of long distance dating, many flights on budget airlines, but we celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past spring." - JeffTheLess

"Getting married next month. She came over 2 weeks into us dating with a batman costume for my cat. She put my cat in the costume and then chased the cat around the apartment singing "DA-NUH-NUH-NUH BATCAT!" There was never a doubt in my mind after that." - BasicAlgebrah

"My dad told me he knew he wanted to marry my mom when the McDonald's opened in Moscow after the USSR crumbled and she ate 6 Big Macs in a row" - J_mp