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Newlyweds fuming after 'damaged' passport costs them $2,000 and a missed honeymoon

A newlywed couple were left fuming after the bride was refused permission to travel due to her 'damaged' passport.

Carly Baker and Chris Fee married last Friday after a four-year courtship and were devastated when their dream honeymoon ground to a halt over the state of Baker's passport.

A U.S Airway's rep stopped the couple from flying from Philadelphia International Airport after they said Baker's passport was "too damaged" to fly with.


Baker had last used the document thirteen months earlier, where she said there was no issue.

Despite a second employee saying the passport "would be fine", the first had made a note on the couple's travel file and the duo were grounded.

“She tried getting her boss to override my restriction, but [her] boss clearly did not want to throw the first manager under [the] bus by putting an override on file over her first opinion", Baker claimed to Buzzfeed News.

Baker has since applied and been given a new passport, and the couple intend to make the end of their dream honeymoon - after paying over $2,000 in rebooking and cancellation fees.

U.S. Airways waived the flight change fee and the price difference of the two flights but the couple were not given an upgrade or compensation for the holiday.

According to the State Department, damage that could inhibit travel includes "water damage, a significant tear, unofficial markings on the data page, missing visa pages [torn out], a hole punch, or other injuries". The rules allow for "normal wear and tear".

A spokesperson for the airline told Buzzfeed News that the employee "complied with government regulations on damaged passports".