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'No one wants to see your back rolls' - The worst things women have been told when trying on wedding dresses

These comments will make the infamous Bridesmaids scene look like a treat.

Picking out a wedding dress can be one of the most stressful things on a bride-to-be's to-do list, and having friends, family or shop assistants make comments like these certainly doesn't make it any easier.

A group of people told Redbook the worst things they had said to them as a bride or they heard being said to a bride when trying on a wedding dress - and the comments are brutal.


"While gown shopping, I was constantly being asked, 'Would he like this?' or told, 'He will love this!' This is about me loving it. I ended up buying a dress online," said one bride-to-be.

Another bride, Katie, was told the dress would look great on her once she lost weight, with the shop assistant saying: "Wow, that will look so amazing once you lose 10 pounds!"

Weight was a major topic throughout the comments, with one bride nothing how everyone wanted her to buy a smaller dress: "Everyone assumed that I would be losing weight to fit into a too-small dress rather than wanting to find one that already fit!"

Bride-to-be Lauren wasn't even given the chance to look in a store when she told the sales assistant her budget: "The first thing she asked me about was my budget, and when I told her what it was she answered just with a 'no.'"

"She told me that it was too low and there was nothing in the store that was within that price range, except really lightweight 'beach' dresses, as she put it. She proceeded to show me a few dresses, but would immediately point out why it wouldn't work — they were too expensive, not the style I requested, too summery. Ironically, when I finally said I was leaving, she was shocked and upset and tried to convince me to stay."

Possibly the worst comment of all was when a sales associate commented on the bride-to-be's "rolls."

"The sales associate told me she wouldn't show me dresses with cut-out backs because of my back fat. When I insisted on trying one on she poked my back while she was zipping me up and said, 'See? No one wants to see a bride with rolls.'"

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