Mark and Peter's wedding

The Vow

Real Irish Weddings: A perfect match with an elegant 'I do' for Mark and Peter

Mark, from Cork, and Peter, from Tipperary, first met in a pub in Dublin three years ago and soon after they arranged to meet for drinks.

 Mark says: "I knew straight away that we had stumbled on something out of the ordinary."

And knowing he was right, Mark planned his proposal to Peter for six months, deciding to pop the question while they enjoyed an evening sunset on a beach on holiday. "Peter's face as he said 'yes' is a mental snapshot I'll never forget. It was one of the happiest moments of my life," says Mark.


Although the pair were originally at complete odds about the venue, when they arrived at The Village at Lyons (now Cliff at Lyons) they knew it was for them. "It felt like a small, private, quaint paradise for the big day," Mark says.

The pair decided on a humanist ceremony with the wedding party playing a big part. While they didn't have a specific theme for the day, the couple both agreed that autumnal shades running through the colour scheme would be ideal.

Peter had a good idea of what he wanted to wear on their special day and Mark fell in line, with both men getting matching suits from Louis Copeland.

Peter and Mark decided on the honeymoon of a lifetime after their big day, jetting off to beautiful Bali. They loved it so much, they've decided to visit again in a few years for their anniversary.

* Words by Dee Finnerty. Photography by Couple Photography, visit

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