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Amy Schumer is the wedding photobomber we all want to be as she surprises newlyweds in formal pics

Actress gives London couple the giggles when she takes centre stage in shoot

It's not every day you get married. And it's certainly not every day a Hollywood star photobombs your formal snaps.

One couple managed to tick the two events off their list however when they were joined by funny woman Amy Schumer in a hilarious photo just minutes after exchanging vows.

Happy couple Jasmin Pereira and Jon Bates, who tied the knot in London's Mayfair last week, were busy going about their blissfully wed business and posing for their photographer when they were given something else to smile about.


Proving once again that she is serious banter off-screen as well an on, Trainwreck actress Amy decided to add some levity to the couple's formal photo shoot by casually joining them for a picture that's sure to stand out in the wedding album.

The happy couple had just tied the knot in London's Mayfair Library before making their way outside to catch a few formal snaps as husband and wife.

It was an opportunity not to be missed for comedy actress Amy, who was reportedly on her way to meet her friend, designer Stella McCartney.

After photobombing their special moment the Hollywood star made amends by offering the shocked couple use of her private car to take some uninterrupted photos.

A-lister Amy took also the time to do some celeb-spotting of her own in the UK capital, and looked delighted when she got the chance to grab a snap with Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown.

"Star struck as f" the comedian captioned a photo of herself and baker Brown.

@amyschumer photobombs an adorable couple at their wedding in #london : Shutterstock #amyschumer

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"I love her. She has a book out too!"

The GBBO champ was equally star-struck, gushing "When this actual real life babe and beauty comes over and asks for a little photo as she is a fan..... cue knees shaking, asking if she's joking and mentioning Goldie Hawn!

Honestly one of the most incredible things to happen to me and she also got a sneak preview of my book! What a woman."