Lottie Ryan photographed in the Spencer Hotel for the Sunday World. Picture Credit : Frank Mc Grath

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'I didn't put a huge amount of thought into it' - Lottie Ryan on her stress-free destination wedding in Italy

Lottie Ryan opens up about her 'emotional' wedding - and being dramatically serenaded by her fiancé the night before!

Radio presenter Lottie Ryan has finally spoken about the wedding day she said was "always going to be emotional".

The 2FM star tied the knot with fiancé Fabio Aprille in a 'chilled' destination wedding in Italy last summer, attended by her family and close friends.

The bride, whose father Gerry passed away eight years ago, was walked down the aisle by her brother Rex, while her sisters Babette and Bonnie stood by her side as bridesmaids.


"It was one of those out of body moments for me and also so special for our loved ones," she told RSVP Magazine. "There was great excitement on both sides and it's a great way for people to come together. It's an event that's all about good vibes, positivity, love... I recommend it."

While she acknowledged that walking the aisle with her brother was "always going to be emotional", she said she felt her father was looking down on them on the day, especially when it came to making sure they had a bit of good weather.

"I was so grateful because it really was raining very heavily the day before. But thank God we woke up the next morning and it ended up being the hottest day of the year. So Dad has to be good for something up there! I don't necessarily need those things to know that he's there and watching out for me, but yes, in that instance, it was definitely beneficial," she added.

The wedding itself was as stress-free as she'd planned from start to finish, having not put 'too much thought' into it, she wanted it to simply be a party for those the couple loved.

"I was just very chilled. I knew what I wanted and I knew I'd be more relaxed doing my own thing. I didn't put a huge amount of thought into it, but with my mum, sisters and Fabio's sisters there, we'd just have fun. There's too much thought and love that goes into planning a wedding to allow it to turn it into something stressful," she said.

And while the big day was beautiful, Lottie admitted the highlight of the celebrations actually came from the night before: "Fabio comes from a really old tiny Italian village and they have a lot of traditions around the wedding ceremony. One of them is called the Serenata, which is where the groom has to come and serenade you in front of your family and friends."

"I was up on a balcony and he was serenading me. It sounds so dramatic, but it was probably one of the most romantic, beautiful moments that's ever happened to me!"