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Model and new mum Roz Lipsett eyes up Adare Manor and Lough Eske Castle for big day

Roz and fiancé Rob are on the hunt for a wedding venue

While they won't be walking up the aisle for a while, model Roz Lipsett and her other half Rob Hastings have begun to put the early work into planning their special day.

Rob proposed to Roz shortly before the couple found out they were expecting their first child, and after the birth of Theo in February their wedding plans were put on the back burner.

However, Roz (32) has revealed they have already checked out a host of locations in Ireland for the ceremony.


The couple have looked at Wicklow's Powerscourt Hotel and Lough Eske Castle in Co Donegal as potential wedding venues.

They are also planning on taking a leaf out of Robbie Brady and Kerrie Harris' book by considering Co Limerick's Adare Manor.

Doonbeg Hotel in Co Clare is also a runner.

"Everyone keeps asking me and I'm like, 'Next year, next year'. We have no date set. But for now, we need to get past the six-month mark," said Roz.

She and Rob previously knew each other as teenagers and started dating again at the end of 2016 after they met up on a night out in the capital.

Since welcoming her son, Roz has eased back into work and is hoping to return to the fray with her brother, fitness blogger and reality star Rob, later this year.

Meanwhile, she described her fiance as an amazing dad to their son.

"Rob is brilliant. Obviously the first two months I was breastfeeding and he couldn't be as much help as he wanted to be, but now he is able to be a lot more hands on. He has taken to it really well," she told The Herald's Dubliner's Diary.

"I'm doing part-time stuff now. We're going to have another Creator Agency event in London at the end of the summer and I hope to get back to working full-time with modelling and things like that."

Roz worked as a model in Los Angeles for five years before she moved back home to Dublin and she reckons the Irish fashion industry is more open to different body types. She didn't feel as much pressure to slim down quickly after giving birth.

"I think Ireland has always been in the forefront. The models here are women and they're more relatable. It's not just a clothes hanger. They have relatable body types.

"There are all different sizes here from a size eight to a size 16 model.

"I didn't feel the pressure to be so thin straight away. I feel like it's always been like that.

"But in America it's taken longer. They're catching up and it's becoming more body positive.

"I don't feel as much pressure to be skinny as I used to do."