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No-show? Meghan not expected to attend 'good friend' Priyanka's wedding

Priyanka and Nick will tie the knot in India this weekend

As if there wasn't already enough drama around Meghan, Harry and weddings, the latest news is that the couple are not expected to attend the Duchess' 'really good friend' Priyanka's wedding this weekend.

Priyanka - who attended the royal wedding in May this year in a striking pastel purple skirt suit - will tie the knot with her fiancé Nick Jonas this weekend in an array of ceremonies in her native India.

The former Baywatch star, who appeared with the Duchess of Sussex in several of her Instagram posts pre-royal family, was likely expecting her friend at the big day, however it looks like Meghan will be sitting this one out "especially now that she's pregnant", according to Us Weekly.


The pair have been friends since January 2016 when they met at the Elle Women in Television event and hit it off from there.

They have both gushed about each other to the press on occasions, with Meghan calling Priyanka 'unbelievable' and 'a really good friend'.

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But Meghan's new royal commitments - and security - means she has to be selective about events she attends, even ones for old pre-royal friends.

Before Meghan married into the British royal family, she and Priyanka had been seen attending Broadway shows together, hanging out by the pool and enjoying healthy brunches out and about.

"She's an icon, truly, that girls can look up to, that women can look up to," Chopra told Harper's Bazaar Arabia in praise of her friend.

"She's normal, she's sweet, she's nice, she thinks about the world, wants to change it and this was even before any of this happened.

"So I do think Meghan being a part of the royal family is a big step in the direction of so many things; of women, of feminism, of diversity, of race, of the monarchy versus everyone else. It's a beautiful step in the right direction."