U.S. President Donald Trump and to Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office Omarosa Manigault. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images | Inset: Omarosa Manigault and John Allen Newman exchange wedding vows. Photo Lynne Patton via Instagram,

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Trump senior aide attempts to hold impromptu wedding shoot in the White House

Guests of former reality star attempted to take photos in the Oval Office, according to reports

When it seems everyone is trying to outdo each other with increasingly lavish wedding venues, one bride has attempted to outshine them all.

Former reality TV star turned senior political aide, Omarosa Manigault is reported to have attempted to use one of the most iconic residencies in the world as the backdrop to some of her wedding shots.

The US Apprentice star, who is now USA President Donald Trump's Director of Communications for the Office of the Public Liaison, tied the knot in April this year on front of a host of fellow reality stars and political aides, after which the wedding party was then said to have 'caused a stir' with their arrival at the White House.


Politico reports: "The "Apprentice" villain turned senior White House official brought members of her 39-person bridal party to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an extended wedding photo shoot."

"The visitors loudly wandered around, looking to snap photos in the Rose Garden and throughout the West Wing, according to four current and former White House officials."

While it seemed like the perfect spot for some stand-out wedding shots, according to Politico, not everyone was aware that the building was to be the backdrop for several of the guest's selfies.

"While itโ€™s unclear whether she received formal permission for the photo shoot, at least some lawyers and other senior aides were not briefed in advance, the officials said.

"They quickly banned Manigault, director of communications for the Office of the Public Liaison, from posting the pictures online, citing security and ethical concerns."

Author of The Bitch Switch: Knowing how to turn it on and off, Omarosa also appeared on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress ahead of her big day. She later wore a blush YSA Makino wedding dress with gold lace detail from featured boutique Kleinfield Bridal.

Omarosa tied the knot with Florida pastor John Allen Newman (Omarosa is also a Minister, according to her official site Omarosa.com) at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.