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Watch: On the anniversary of their engagement, a look back on Prince William and Kate Middleton's first ever joint interview

Couple discussed surprise proposal, their engagement ring and their shock 2007 split

Can you remember where you were when Britain's Prince William and his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton announced their engagement?

Okay, neither can we. But we bet you can't forget that dress - and that ring?

Soon after they announced they would tie the knot (which they did, on 29th April 2011) the royal couple sat down for a lengthy interview together, in which they gave an intimate look into the beginning of their relationship and shared some of the details about their surprise proposal.


"As every guy out there will know, it takes a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going," the Prince said. "So I was planning it and then it just felt really right out in Africa. It was beautiful.”

In the interview, which aired on ITV weeks after the official announcement of their engagement, Kate revealed that the moment was a complete surprise to her despite the fact that, like most couples, the two had been discussing tying the knot for some time.

“It was a total shock when it came,” Kate said. “There’s a true romantic in there.”

For the interview, Kate appeared in the now-famous royal blue Issa wrap dress - which only served to highlight the stunning 18 carat blue Sapphire rock on her ring finger - the outfit that has marked the fashion phenomenon that since become known as 'the Kate effect'.

The ring of course belonged to Prince William's late mother, Princess Diana, and the couple shared the strong sentimental value it had for both of them.

Kate and William's relationship became public knowledge in 2003, while Kate was a 'normal' college student, aspiring for a career in fashion. They were friends first, before a relationship 'blossomed' and things became romantic.

After graduating from St, Andrew's University in 2005, Kate became an accessories buyer with British label Jigsaw.

Some may have forgotten, but the royals actually briefly split in 2007, shocking royal watchers everywhere. Not shying away from the difficulties at the beginning of their relationship however, the two discussed the brief separation, revealing that it made them strong individually, and then together.

“At the time, I wasn’t very happy about it,” Kate said. “But actually, it made me a stronger person. You find things about yourself that maybe you hadn’t realised. I really valued that time for me.”

They have since had two children, and are expecting their third in April next year.

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