Padraig McLoughlin and Kathryn Thomas

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'We're still deciding' - Wedding plans remain on hold as busy mum Kathryn Thomas juggles work and home life

Hopes to tie the knot next year

As a new mum to seven-month-old Ellie, Kathryn Thomas has noticed that making time for some quality moments with partner Padraig McLoughlin can be "trickier" than in the past.

The RTE presenter has opened up about managing life with her new arrival and said that while her little one is her world, couples should always find time for each other despite how busy life can get.

"Sometimes the baby is the easy part to manage, and the relationship trickier. Myself and Padraig would have had so much time to ourselves before," she said.


"We also went through a lot trying to conceive, it became an all-consuming focus. It was all we wanted and then when she arrived, she became our world.

"I think couples have to go easy on each other and make time for each other."

Making time for each other however doesn't mean they're full steam ahead with plans for 'the big day' just yet, however the couple are hoping the will tie the knot in 2019.

"We are still deciding. But it will be next year, all going well," she said.

Kathryn has taken motherhood in her stride, juggling radio presenting, her new hosting duties on Ireland's Fittest Family and looking after little Ellie.

Speaking to VIP magazine, she said she chose the name Ellie because it was "old-fashioned" and made her think she would have a "wilful" young girl on her hands.

"I want her to travel and see the world - that's if she wants to. I just know what an amazing experience it was for me," she said.

"Now, she could be her dad's daughter and be happy at home, but I have a feeling already that she's a girl on the move," said Kathryn.

Ellie is Padraig's second child, he has a son, Conor (22), from a previous relationship.

However, Kathryn said the two of them felt like they were learning from scratch when Ellie came along in March.

"I think it is [different] because he was so young when he had Conor," she said.

"It was very much the two of us rabbits in headlights going, 'What the hell?' But Padraig is very hands-on."

Kathryn revealed she plans on running a tight ship when it comes to her daughter, admitting she was a "difficult" teenager, and said Padraig would also be a strict parent.

"I hope she's strong and stands up for what she believes in. And I hope she's not afraid to be herself.

"I've never been afraid to be myself or speak my mind and I've always been pretty happy in my own skin, and to be able to say that is great."