York Cottage, inset is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth gifts Prince Harry and Meghan Markle palatial 'cottage': here's why it's so special

Well, that's their something old sorted!

Like most newlyweds, Prince harry and Meghan Markle and due for a bit of a windfall after their wedding. For most of us, this might be in the form of a DeLonghi toaster and kettle set of Waterford Crystal champagne glasses, but for these royals, it's a palatial estate nestled among nearly 20,000 acres of land on the grounds of Sandringham.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Harry's grandmother, "has a habit of giving property" to young royals after they wed and famously gifted Kate Middleton and Prince William theirĀ  10-bedroom home, Amner Hall in Norfolk. It's where they spent some of their happiest early years before their inevitable careers as full-time royals.


Harry and his bride-to-be are reportedly set to inherit York Cottage, previously named 'Bachelor's Cottage' because of its influx of male guests, but which has since been restored to its former glory thanks to his grandfather Prince Philip.

"So there's every chance that Harry and Meghan might find themselves the proud owners of a nice property outside of London," royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Cosmopolitan UK.

The couple are currently residing in the two-bedroomed Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace, which will likely remain their main residence until they have children, but it's customary to receive a property in the country as well.

The home was once the preference of Queen Elizabeth's grandparents King George V and Queen Mary.

In 2013, the Telegraph described the property as "a monument to the eccentricity of the family who lived there", which is code for "ugly".