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WATCH: Bride wows wedding guests with emotional speech to groom's ex

A bride has wowed her wedding guests - and the internet - by turning to her groom’s ex in her vows.

But rather than cause an awkward scene, bride Katie Hild gave an emotional speech expressing her love for her husband Jeremy’s ex-wife.

By marrying Jeremy, Katie became step-mother to Landon, Jeremy’s son from his previous marriage to Casey.


Casey is now in a relationship with a man named Tyler but the four parents seem to coexist harmoniously.

“I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend,” Katie says to Casey in her vows. She also promised to “guide, teach and love” Landon every day.

A video of the vows posted online reveals that many of the wedding guests were moved to tears by the speech, and it has now gone viral.

The post has had nearly 10,000 reactions on Facebook, with many people impressed by Katie’s attitude.

“This was absolutely beautiful,” one woman wrote. “Kudos to this wonderful and special family and as for the bride, she’s one of a kind!”

Katie explained her thinking too.

“Co-parenting means sharing the duties of a child,” Katie said. “So, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I not only vowed to Jeremy. I gave a vow to Casey and Tyler. Then I vowed to Landon, and then to Jeremy.

“I wasn’t just going into a marriage with Jeremy and needed his trust and respect, but I needed Casey's and Tyler's, too. One thing I promised, was to be ONE family, always. I know without hesitation, we will never break that promise.

]“I know I can speak for us all, parenting is hard yet amazing; but co-parenting? It’s a blessing. It was the hardest and best four years of my life. It takes true understanding and support from the ones who love you.

“Everyone facing custody problems, acceptance, understanding, relationship problems, etc; we get it. Not everyone gets the luxury of having a relationship like we formed; but it's possible to get along, communicate, and give the same rules/love/respect on both sides for your child/children.

“Go against the norm. BE that CHANGE.”

"Co-parenting means sharing the duties of a child. So, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I not only vowed to...

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, November 6, 2017