Tony Robinson delivers wedding speech to wife Paul on ITV's This Morning | Photo still via Youtube

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Viewers left in tears as man overcomes stammer to deliver wedding vows to wife

Took to Twitter to congratulate Tony on his brave speech

A lorry driver who skipped his wedding speech due to fear of his stammer finally delivered his vows to his wife after completing a programme designed to help him with public speaking.

Lorry driver Tony Robinson, 53, has been taking part in School for Stammers, a TV documentary which shows people with speech impediments working to overcome their fears of public speaking,  and appeared on ITV's This Morning to speak about his progress.

At the end of his segment, Tony bravely took the chance to deliver the wedding speech he never could to his wife Paula, leaving her and viewers in tears.


'I'm sorry I was unable to do this speech at [our] wedding, as you know I was scared and nervous," he started.

"I'm proud to be your husband you are the most kind and caring person I have ever met.

Thank you for being Mrs Robinson."

Tony stood in front of his wife to deliver his speech, holding her hand throughout. When he finished the couple embraced, with wife Paula clearly emotional.

Presenter Holly Willoughby shared her words of encouragement with the couple, and commented that Tony's emotional speech was 'a beautiful thing to watch'.

Like Paula, vewers were overwhelmed with emotion watching Tony declare his love for his wife, and took to Twitter to congratulate him on his achievement.

Many commented that Tony was an inspiration to other people who suffer difficulties with their speech, and encouraged him to keep up his good work.

Tony was appearing as part of School for Stammerers which sees him and others partaking in a four day treatment program which focuses on breathing techniques and confidence building to help stammerers with their speech. It airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.