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WATCH: Cork man sky dives with bride as couple says 'I do' in 'badass' hot air balloon wedding

Emotions ran high for Cork man Patrick Russell and his bride Melanie Ilemsky after the dare-devil couple decided to throw an adrenaline-filled wedding combining the love of skydiving with their 'I dos'.

The couple, who originally met in New York, exchanged vows before ten select guests in a hot air balloon before jumping hand-in-hand for a 40 second fall to their drop spot in Pennsylvania.

It was the first time the bride's mother was in a hot air balloon - and she acted as the celebrant for the couple to save on space!


"Your adrenaline is pumping - it was really wild," bride Melanie told The Ray Darcy Show.

"As a skydiver I was critical about my exit but then it's really not that important," she joked.

Melanie wore a simple gown for her nuptials, which had to work with the various straps that made up her intricate harness.

"I knew it wouldn't make much sense to spend too much on the dress in case I couldn't stand when I landed," the bride explained, "so I bought it for $20 on Amazon and had it tailored."

The couple isn't certain if they're the first to get into a hot air balloon unmarried, and hit the ground married, but are delighted the weather was perfect for their day.

Their videographer was on-hand to capture the entire ceremony and jump after, landing first to document the couple's final descent onto safe ground. Patrick landed before his bride - "to make sure Melanie was okay".

Posted by Melanie Russell on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Both passionate sky divers, the couple is already planning a 'halo' high altitude jump for their one year anniversary, which they explained involves an even longer free fall!