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Watch: Grown male adult absolutely owns his flower girl duties

"Flower man" wins wedding guests over with LeBron-style petal toss at end of aisle

If last year was all about the new trend of "flower nans", this summer looks to be all about the emergence of the "flower MAN" as a particularly confident 28-year-old male showed everyone exactly how it's done at his pal's wedding in the US last month.

Cousins Andria Farthing and Patrick Casey had fond memories of walking up the aisle together as flower girl and page boy when they were just nippers, so much so that Patrick was more than keen to do it all again at the next possible opportunity!

Patrick, from Wisconsin, told Huffington Post that he was so excited about reprising a role in a bridal party that he lobbied his cousin to be a "flower man" at her big day even before she got engaged.


Surprisingly, the bride and her husband-to-be eventually came around to the avant-garde idea and asked Patrick to do the honours, which he did using the very same flower basket the bride carried at the wedding they featured in as children.

Patrick admits he wanted to add some "levity to the day" but said that he took his duties very seriously nonetheless.

“A good marriage includes a lot of laughing,” Casey told HuffPost. “So what’s wrong with a bit of fun at your wedding with someone you both love and who loves you both?”

Although he felt that not everyone would be on board with the flower man, Casey believes he won everyone over with his light-hearted display.

“I think there was some skepticism, but after, many people complimented me on being funny while not crossing the line,” Casey said.

“I think most people were won over when I stopped at the end of the aisle, put the basket down... And pulled flower petals from my pockets and threw them in the air, LeBron powder-toss style.”

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