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This couple's adorable engagement shoot in Howth shows Dublin at its finest

Engagement shoot you say?

What's all this about?

Well, let us tell you. Engagement shoots are a thing. And they're more popular than you probably realise.


It might sound like notions, but the engagement shoot has become a standard in US and some UK weddings, and more and more Irish photographers are adding it to their wedding offering, seeing the all round benefit from some time for the couple on front of the lens, with the pressure off before the big day.

For most people, the height of a photoshoot comes in the form of a possibly-too-lengthy selfie taking session in some fancy bar toilets after a few too many glasses of vino. So it's understandable then, that when it comes to the real deal, they freeze up, forget how to act, to smile, to look in any way relaxed and that's not even starting on getting those essential 'couple poses' looking less rigid.

Are you thinking of Monica trying to coach Chandler in smiling for the camera during their engagement announcement shoot yet? We are...

Take a cue from Chelsea and Cameron then. A US couple who opted to have their engagement photos taken in Howth on a beautiful day in Dublin.

The stunning setting made for a beautiful backdrop - wouldn't you agree?

"Ireland is a destination we both have always wanted to visit." said bride-to-be Chelsea.

"Camron's job has brought him there in the past, and I have Irish heritage. We thought getting our engagement photos taken while there would be a great way to remember our stay and make our photos unique. We have gotten so many compliments from friends and family!"

"Dublin and Howth were amazing! We had already planned on staying in Dublin but only learned of Howth from our wonderful photographer, Olga Hogan. We are so thankful we not only got to experience the coastal beauty but have gorgeous photos to always remember it by, too!"

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